Niomi Fawn's Bio

Niomi Fawn is a queer artist currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They grew up in California and Hawaii.


The art of Niomi Fawn developed from a technique dubbed neo-pastiche, which brought

digital tools and visions to traditional collage in an effort to recontextualize familiar images and, through creative juxtaposition, to create new statements from old concepts. Neo-pastiche is primarily a two-dimensional technique and, while it remains a vital component of Niomi Fawn's art, they have been applying the theories of the technique on a wider scale - moving into a third dimension and blurring the boundaries that too often separate art and audience. Their  latest works involve the creation of objects, informed but not limited by neo-pastiche, which are placed in natural and constructed environments, gradually transforming the surroundings and fuzzing the lines between the artistic and non-artistic worlds.


Niomi Fawn was  part of the Meow Wolf art collect 2010-2014


They have since left to form Curate Santa Fe, They are the current director of Show Pony Galley.


Niomi Fawn

Shows, Festivals, and Museums
2010 Solo Show, Wild West, Aztec; Santa Fe, NM
2010 Meow Wolf Holiday Show, Eggman and Walrus; Santa Fe, NM
2011 Meow Wolf Group Show, Center for Contemporary Arts; Santa Fe,NM
2011 Meow Wolf, The Due Return, Center for Contemporary Arts; Santa Fe, NM
2011 Meow Wolf, Satellite, 516; Albuquerque, NM
2011 Meow Wolf, Congress of the Collectives, Flux; NY, NY
2011 The Very First AHA, the Railyard; Santa Fe, NM
2011 Meow Wolf, Glitteropolis, NMSU; Las Cruses, NM
2012 Meow Wolf public space solo exhibit, Cocoons, CYMK Festival; Boulder, CO
2012 Meow Wolf Performance Group/Art Installations; various locations
2012 Solo Show, Surfs Up, Jimmy Buffet's; Waikiki, HI
2013 Solo Show, Saddle Up, installation at Santa Fe Rodeo; Santa Fe, NM
2014 Solo Show, and now, Betterday Coffee; Santa Fe, NM
2014 Meow Wolf, Art Santa Fe: Contemporary Art Fair, Convention Center; Santa Fe, NM
2014 Alley Art Group Show, Living Gallery, NY, NY
2014 Meow Wolf, Moving Still; New Orleans, La
2014 Hydra Collective, Red Moon, Vargas Studios; Santa Fe, NM
2015 Hydra Collective, Synthesis/Elixir, Iconik; Santa Fe, NM
2015 Group Show, Future Tellers, MoCNA; Santa Fe, NM
2015 Cut+Paste Society, What If? El Zaguan, Canyon Road; Santa Fe, NM
2015 Hydra Collective, AHA; the Railyard; Santa Fe, NM
2015 Women’s journals, with Miriam Sagan, New Mexico Museum of Art; Santa Fe, NM
2016 Render Bender, CCA; Santa Fe, NM
2016 Strangers Show, Dispatch, ART.i.factory Gallery; Santa Fe; NM
2016 Long Echo, Strangers at CCA; Santa Fe, NM

Curatorial Work
2014 Group Show, Everything, Everything, Iconik; Santa Fe, NM
2015 W 21, Chronicles of the Future, from Almost Adults Gala Opening; Santa Fe, NM
2014-2017 Contracted Curator for Iconik for 16 consecutive shows; Santa Fe, NM
2016 Hi Scuba Group Show, Adult Vanilla, Caldera Gallery; Santa Fe, NM
2017 Something I need you to know (and artist talks), SFCC Gallery; Santa Fe, NM

Special Projects
2012 Meow Wolf, Meow Melange and Set Designer for Pyg, the Lensic; Santa Fe, NM
2014 Installation, Eve, Please Eat the Apple, Santa Fe Showcase House; Santa Fe, NM
2016 HITCH, Santa Fe Arts Commission, Ignite grant (community installation); Santa Fe, NM
2017 Now More Than Ever, Creative Santa Fe, Siler Mural Project; Santa Fe, NM

2017 Victory Grrls performance, Judy Chicago Retrospective, Form & Concept; Santa Fe, NM--

2017 Victory Grrls performance, Cryin Out Loud Center of Contemporary Art:

Santa Fe, NM

2017 I Have A Lot of Feelings, Betterday Solo Show

2018 Santa Fe Art Institute Resident -Social Justice Series 

2018 SFAI 140 Performer

2018 Wild Home Solo Exhibition at No Land 

Niomi Fawn in Satin
Niomi Fawn Wild Home 2